Retinopathy of Prematurity Network

ROP is an increasing cause of blindness in babies in middle-income populations. Some ROP can be prevented by high quality neonatal care. ROP can be treated in the first two months of life if diagnosed and specialist treatment is available. The UK and other high-income Commonwealth countries have good preventive, diagnostic and treatment services for premature babies with ROP. India is currently developing a national ROP programme, with support from the Trust. Lessons learnt from high-income countries, being applied in a middle-income country (India) can also be promoted and implemented in other Commonwealth middle-income countries.
We propose identifying one lead centre in 7 of the larger middle-income Commonwealth countries, and providing training on how to plan and implement a national ROP programme using expertise from within the Commonwealth and the India model programme.

Participating Countries

1. India x 2 centres
2. Bangladesh
3. Pakistan
4. Sri Lanka
5. Kenya
6. Nigeria
7. Ghana


The impact of this network would be the development of national frameworks and “demonstration centre” for ROP care (prevention, screening, treatment), at a stage before the anticipated increase in the number of children affected. This would result in improved quality of care for newborn babies, a lower incidence of sight threatening ROP and greater coverage of high quality initiatives for detection, treatment and long-term follow up.

More information

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